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Poverty, wealth and place in Britain, 1968 to 2005

Understanding the Transformation of the Prospects of Places

Full project report (2.6MB PDF)


These web pages introduce a research project investigating patterns and changes in the geography of poverty and wealth in Britain from 1968 to 2005. Full details of the project and results are available in the project report - you can follow links from this site to the report, which was published by The Policy Press on 17th July 2007 for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, who funded the research. You can also access the novel datasets produced by the research team during the project, and find information on poverty and wealth for specific areas of Britain.

Daniel Dorling, Jan Rigby, Dimitris Ballas, Ben Wheeler and Bethan Thomas (SASI, University of Sheffield)
David Gordon and Eldin Fahmy (School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol)
Ruth Lupton (Institute of Education, University of London)

If you have any queries about the project or the report, please contact Danny Dorling.

The research project
The original title of the research project resulting in this report was Understanding the Transformation of the Prospects of Places. It was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation under the Housing and Neighbourhoods Programme. A brief version of the original project proposal can be found here. These web pages contain extracts from the project report and JRF Findings.

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Project pages

  1. Project home
  2. Background - Poverty and wealth in Britain
  3. Methods and Data - How we did this research
  4. Results - What we found
  5. Conclusions - What this all means
  6. Download reports and data - Download the project report and datasets, find poverty and wealth information for your area, and view maps of the measures