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Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License

This website and its contents are licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. The copyright statement we require you to include when you use our material is:
© Copyright Sasi Group (University of Sheffield) and Mark Newman (University of Michigan).

For the Country Cartograms and content from the World Population Atlas applies this copyright statement:
© Copyright Benjamin D. Hennig (Worldmapper Project)

We welcome use of our maps under the Creative Commons conditions.

Hi-resolution images

300 dpi TIFF images are now available for you to download. There is a link to this underneath each map that you view, or a link to every image here.

Non-commercial definition

Our interpretation of non-commercial use of our maps is that you are not marketing a product that relies on the use of Worldmapper maps; an example of unacceptable use would be printing T-Shirts or posters with Worldmapper maps on and selling them, or publishing a book containing a large number of Worldmapper maps.

If you wish to use a few Worldmapper maps in a book or magazine, we consider that to be acceptable use and you do not need to contact us. Commercial companies providing resources for education are also free to use Worldmapper maps in their material.

If you have any other questions, please emails us at:

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