351 Hi-Tech Exports 1990


This map shows which territories were the main exporters of hi-tech goods by value, in 1990. Exports are measured here in Purchasing Power Parity US dollars. The PPP value takes into account the costs of goods and services in the territory, as such this indicates degree of wealth as the equivalent of what US$ would buy in the United States. In 1990 the value of hi-tech worldwide was US$ 543 billion.

Primary exports are of raw materials. Secondary exports are manufactured and processed goods. A particular class of secondary export is hi-tech goods. Hi-tech exports are usually electronic items, such as computers, mobile telephones, ipods and cameras.

Data sources

See technical notes for Worldmapper map 347, “Primary Exports 1990”. When data are missing, the regional average percentage of secondary export goods that are hi-tech by value is used to calculate a value. However, if this is higher than the percentage given for 2002, the 2002 value is used. Greenland was assigned 1% for 1990 and 2002.

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The quotation that accompanies this map comes from Monina Wong, in June 2005. The quotation was cut, a dash after ‘new-’ was removed, and the acronym ‘PRD’ was removed. The original version as it appears in the source below reads: “Since its establishment in 1991, the new- and hi-tech industrial belt in the Pearl River Delta(PRD) region has posted an average annual growth of over 40%. In 2002, its total output value and exports stood at Rmb400 billion (US$47.7 billion) and US$30 billion respectively”. This was sourced in February 2007, from the website below:


Excel sheets

Below is an explanation of each of the columns in the excel file:

Column A = Unique numerical territory (see 001).

Column B = Region and territory names (see 001).

Column C = Region code (see 001).

Column D = The ISO 3 code, or ISO ALPHA-3 (see 001).

Column E = Hi-tech exports in billions of PPP US$ in 1990. These data are calculated from the source data. Where data are missing, the value of hi-tech exports is estimated by multiplying the regional average or 2002 percentage of merchandise export income that is made from hi-tech exports (Column F), by the secondary goods export income in 1990 in billions of US dollars (Column G).

Column F = Hi-tech exports as a percentage of secondary merchandise export income in 1990. This is taken from Column H. Where data are missing, the regional average, or the figure from 2002 if given and lower, is used to estimate the value.

Column G = Total export income from secondary goods in 1990 in billions of PPP US dollars . From Worldmapper data 349, Secondary Exports 1990.

Column H = Hi-tech exports as a percentage of secondary goods exports by value in 1990. This is taken from the source data. Where data were missing ‘..’ is shown.

Column I = Income from hi-tech exports in PPP US$ per person per year, 1990. Where data were missing ‘..’ is shown.

Column J = Population 1990, in millions. Taken from Worldmapper dataset 163, Wealth Year 1990.