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Low Birth Weight Related Deaths
409. Low Birth Weight Related Deaths
Birth Injury Related Deaths
410. Birth Injury Related Deaths
All Nutritional Deficiences Deaths
411. All Nutritional Deficiences Deaths
Deaths from Starvation
412. Deaths from Starvation
Vitamin A Deficiency Deaths
413. Vitamin A Deficiency Deaths
Iron Deficiency Anaemia Deaths
414. Iron Deficiency Anaemia Deaths
Iodine Deficiency Deaths
415. Iodine Deficiency Deaths
Other Nutritional Disorder Deaths
416. Other Nutritional Disorder Deaths
Deaths from Non-Communicable Illnesses
417. Deaths from Non-Communicable Illnesses
All Cancer Deaths
418. All Cancer Deaths
Mouth Cancer Deaths
419. Mouth Cancer Deaths
Throat Cancer Deaths
420. Throat Cancer Deaths

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